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Reviews for Jasper Highlands
5 out of 5 Stars
Nickole B.
July 20th, 2020
We just closed on our dream bluff property! We are counting the days until we can start our build and be there permanently. Mark, Sean and Greg were patient, accommodating and pretty much wonderful throughout our entire process. As was the lender whom we can also highly recommend. If you are looking for a great place to live, Jasper Highlands is the place to be!
5 out of 5 Stars
Lou Ann D.
October 10th, 2020
Visiting Georgia and make an appointment to view property that my daughter and son in law were considering. Had an amazing time with Sean . He was unbelievable, very informative, extremely nice and just a very great experience. I would recommend him to everyone, I'm so excited to being a part of the Jasper Highlands community.
5 out of 5 Stars
Melanie E.
August 7th, 2020
The whole process from visiting Jasper Highlands, taking a tour of the property with Patti; who was awesome! We found and signed a contract on the first visit! They treat you so well! The development is beautiful! Since making an offer and going through the financing process, which Tri-county Bank was awesome. The people are so friendly! We cannot wait to start building! We loved everything!
5 out of 5 Stars
P Barkakati
September 20th, 2020
We recently closed on our dream lot in River Bluff area. The place seems perfect to build our retirement home.Sean Pacetti helped us from the very beginning. He is very knowledgeable, apt at understanding the needs of the customer and give the right feedback. He made the process so seamless, specially with financing part.He is always there to answer our questions- and very patiently indeed! This place is a hidden gem in the beautiful hills of TN. I really admire the folks who came up with this idea and gave this place such a beautiful shape and form , blending perfectly with mother nature- superb and world class! What a vision!!
5 out of 5 Stars
Michele S.
January 30th, 2020
We just purchased a lot in Jasper Highlands we are looking forward to planning our new home that we can share new memory with friends and family! So far things have gone smoothly. Can not wait to visit again soon.