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Jasper Highlands First Impressions

Mike Bunting

Harrison, TN

While on our way to the 2012 South Pittsburg Corn Bread Festival, Sandy and I decided to take a look at the property that we had seen advertised in the Chattanooga paper. We had resolved that we were "just going to look" and then get on to the main focus of the day – corn bread.

After seeing the beautiful view from the property and speaking with Patti further, it was a done deal – we bought the lot - to heck with the corn bread. But that was just the beginning of many degrees of satisfaction with Jasper Highlands.

As the house was built and as we began to know our neighbors, we both learned what a blessing this development would soon become. Through appreciation dinners at what would become Pat's Summit we got to know more and more of the people who, as we did, purchased to live in a place of natural beauty and grace. With neighbors like we have here and in a place like this, how could we ask for more?

Rick & Sandee Cosper

Sharpsburg, GA

Jasper Highlands was one of the first developments we looked at while trying to find our new home place. While still commuting to Atlanta for work and with our adult children (and grandchild) in Nashville, we found Jasper Highlands to be the perfect location, with easy access to I-24.

The convenience is great but the beauty of the mountain is surreal. We are happy to call JH our new home.

Doug Olivero and Jane Leonhardt

Northville, MI

We had absolutely no plans of purchasing anything, but wanted to see what Tennessee had to offer. A few hours later, we were standing on this piece of land talking about where we would want to build our house. My husband was so at peace standing there... so our numerous talks about retiring to Florida were brushed aside, and soon we were signing on the 'dotted line'!

We have visited the property two times since purchasing it. We love the drive up the mountain and the view once on 'top of the world'! Someday... !

Al & Kyle Kowalewski

Bartlett, IL

Just try and stop us from giving a testimonial! Jasper Highlands is such a class organization. We would to thank John Thornton, Johnny, Dane, and the rest of the wonderful Jasper Highlands staff for helping us make our dream come true! Hope to be down in the spring to get the build process going. And thank-you Jody for all you are doing for the community! Best Regards

Don & Rita Meyer

Pensacola, FL

In late December, we went by Jasper Highlands for a short, two=hour unsponsored visit to get the "lay of the land" with Tim Bell. We considered this a preliminary visit, and if the property warranted, we would follow-up later. Well, we were immediately impressed with the fine road leading to the Jasper Highlands plateau, and then really appreciated the beauty of the landscape and the fact that the lots did not have to be accessed by steep roads or driveways.

Tim showed us the sights -- Pat's Summit and Raulston Falls of course are highlights, but the entirety of the land is very scenic. While looking at available lots, Tim drove us to an unpaved road leading to some newly opened lots on a cul-de-sac that were some of the most elevated properties in Jasper Highlands. Mud from a recent rain halted our drive, but Tim found a way to hike up to the lots with me in tow. The sight from the lot looking over the Tennessee River valley was breathtakingly gorgeous and well worth the mud on my shoes.

We had to leave due to time limitations, but Rita and I discussed how impressed we were with the properties, up-and-coming infrastructure, the views from the cul-de-sac lots, and the complete lack of pressure to buy during our visit. Additionally, all of our questions were answered thoroughly by Tim. So, by the time we had reached home in Pensacola, we were determined to make an offer after only this one short visit -- we were that impressed. The rest is now history, and our purchase was quickly and professionally handled making us one of the latest proud owners of a lot for a dream home in Jasper Highlands!

Bob & Linda Miklos

Torrington, CO

We are thrilled to be living in Jasper Highlands for 1-1/2 years now. Over that time we have built many, many special friendships and love the diversity of people that make this community unique. The JH team continues to build upon the natural and awesome beauty of this mountain top. We love the additions and new look at Ralston Falls, the stone pillars with handsome signage appearing on our roads, the amenities at Pat's Summit and more to come. We are so grateful everyday to be here and living the dream.

Cliff & Paula Lowrance

Jasper, TN

We started building our house in October 2013 and were the first to build in JH. We started building our house without electricity and water. There were no streets and no neighbors, just wildlife and trees. It is truly amazing to have seen our community start from nothing and develop into what it is today.

The JH team has done a great job developing JH into a gorgeous and desirable place to live! The views are amazing, the people are warm and friendly and we can't imagine living anywhere besides JH.


Jasper Highlands

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