Pat's Summitt
FEATURES :  Fire Pit, Gazebo, Modern Facilities and more...

Property owners and their guests gather underneath the open air pavilion at Pat's Summitt to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and the relaxing lifestyle found here at Jasper Highlands. The sunset mountain views to the west and long range views of the Tennessee River as it makes it way south into Alabama and Georgia are just incredible.

What a wonderful place! Dedicated by our owner/developer John Thornton in honor of the legendary Hall-of-Fame University of Tennessee women's basketball coach on May 5, 2012, this preserved area at the entrance of Jasper Highlands provides property owners with a unique, naturally beautiful destination. As the name implies, it is a summit, and from this vantage point on the southern escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau, one can seemingly see forever. Mountains and sunset views to the west, mountains and sunrise views to the east, views across the Tennessee River Valley to the south, into Alabama and Georgia. Though it is a mountain environment, access is easy……residents can just walk or ride their bike/golf cart to Pat's Summitt.

In addition to the timeless views, natural amenities of Pat's Summitt include the tall Chestnut Oak trees and numerous rock formations. On the north side of the summit, Huff n' Puff Trail originates, then heads northward through the forest toward Raulston Falls. A hiker along this trail will enjoy the massive rock formations, old growth hardwood forest, and Raulston Falls, sure to inspire all who pass by. All along the trail one can gaze into the mountain and valleys views to the west. You may even choose to discover a perch atop one of the rock formations in the forest and watch the sun disappear behind the western mountains. It never gets old!