Lost Cave Trail
FEATURES :  Caves, Creeks, Mountainous Terrain and more...

The Lost Cave Trail is a one way trail accessed by upper and lower trailheads. It's a simple hike that offers huge returns. While the hike itself offers a wonderful getaway, the Lost Cave is the real treasure.

The Lost Cave (AKA 'Raulston Pit') was first mapped in the late 70s (see the original hand drawn map of the pit above). The cave is called a 'pit,' because a 150' vertical drop has formed though the limestone layers below your feet. Experienced 'cavers' use technical rope systems to rappel into the vertical chasm below where the waterfall you see free falls into a subterranean pool and forms an elaborate horizontal cave system full of hidden rooms and tunnels.

The 'TAG' area (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia) is renowned for its vertical and horizontal caving adventures. The 'Carst Topography' that runs laterally through the lower elevations of the plateau is susceptive to rainwater and the natural chemical reaction that has occurred here for over millions of years to dissolve solid rock into the intricate cave systems you see today. This unique geologic makeup of Jasper Highlands and the surrounding TAG area puts this mountain in the very center of one of the best locations on earth to study and experience formations like Lost Cave.

- Mark Bray, Land Specialist