Inspiration Park
FEATURES :  Pool, Tennis Courts, Pickleball, Playground, Dog Park, Green Space and more...

Inspiration Park is the centerpiece of Jasper Highlands, serving the entire community with fun activities for the entire family! Towering above Inspiration Park is Gazebodacious, the most elaborate gazebo in all of Tennessee. It is a two-story open pavilion with luxury furnishings and plenty of space for large groups to congregate in the shade surrounded by dozens of activities.

Right next to Gazebodacious is a beautiful pool with a large section for wading as well as lanes for laps. You can also find tennis courts, pickleball courts, a fenced-in dog park, and pits for horseshoes and bocce.

The park also features a full playground complete with swings, slides, and all sorts of fun equipment to play on. It includes a large open field, big enough for a game of football or soccer that can also serve as a heli-pad in case of emergencies.

Inspiration Park is also home to the Jasper Highlands Fire Department, complete with an ambulance and fire truck for residents' safety.

Located at Founders' Place in the middle of Jasper Highlands, the park is open for all residents as a gathering place. With so many options, it has something for every family!