Words From Our Clients

Beth Heath

When I was diagnosed with diabetes I knew I could not wait any longer to make a life change to get healthy. I knew that nutrition changes were critical but I also realized that exercise had to be a huge part of getting healthy. Deciding to commit to training is the best investment I have made in myself. I was not comfortable in a typical gym atmosphere so the private suites and personal 1-on-1 training was perfect for me. My only regret is that I did not take control of my health earlier in my life.

I have lost 110 pounds to date and am still losing. I am no longer diabetic. My blood sugar is controlled completely with my exercise and nutrition alone — no medication. My A1-C went from 10.2 to 5.2. I have back and knee conditions that make it more challenging to work out but my trainers have always adapted to my specific challenges and I have progressed to a level of workouts I never imaged I could do. The trainers can customize a plan for any fitness level. The trainers sincerely care about the well- being of the clients and offer encouragement and support. The trainers are genuinely excited and proud to see the progress of their clients. The focus is on health goals and not to be an exact size or look a certain way. I look forward to the fitness assessments that are offered every eight weeks to track a client's progress. It is amazing to see the amount of inches lost and the change in body fat versus lean weight as well as the progress in strength training.

No food tastes better than it feels to be healthy and active. I never exercised in the past, but now I look forward to every workout and it is a great stress reliever. As long as you are ready to make the commitment to getting healthy, [Julian and his trainers] can help with the rest.

*results may vary for each individual client

Brad Carney

Let me first start by telling you how I came to [Kyle and his team]. My wife, Kim, asked that I start an exercise program. The only condition was that I had to have a personal trainer. To give you an idea of what was driving this was the fact that I was32, with two kids and weighed 290, and I have a family medical history of diabetes and heart disease.

So, I started to research the different options in the Chattanooga area. I looked into traditional memberships at the YMCA, Rush, and Sports Barn. All of their programs required a membership and a fee for each training session. I learned about [Kyle and their program] from an article in a local magazine. I called and spoke to Kyle, who invited me down to their location for a complimentary session to get a feel for how a typical training session would go. One of the primary reasons I chose them was their studio lends itself to an atmosphere of 1-on-1 training.

Also, Kyle spoke about the importance of proper nutrition. The things I’ve learned about how and what to eat have been invaluable. So upon making the decision to join, Kyle shared with me a 12-week meal plan. The meal plan stressed the importance of eating whole foods and portion control. Working with Kyle, we came up with a plan where I would resistant train two days a week and do cardio training two to three days a week. Another added benefit is the use of the cardio equipment on days you do not workout.

So for anyone doubting the benefits of personal training with [Kyle's team] and following their advice on nutrition, let me share my results thus far. In the 12 weeks I’ve been training, I’ve lost 70 lbs, my resting heart as gone from 76 to 52. I’ve gone from 26% body fat to 11%. I’ve gone from wearing 40 waist pants to 34 waist. I cannot thank my trainer, Heidi, Kyle and the other trainers enough. Not only for the results, but for all of the encouragement. The entire staff has been so positive and friendly. I’ve learned how to have an effective workout and how to eat properly. Joining has been the best decision I’ve made and the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m in great shape, and have learned things that will serve me a lifetime.

*results may vary for each individual client

Ethan Collier

When I came to Forte Fitness, I weighed 222 pounds and my resting heart rate was 92 beats per minute. Six months later I had lost 34 pounds down to 188 and my resting heart rate had dropped to 57 beats per minute! I just completed 420 miles of marathon training and completed the marathon in 4 hours and 12 minutes. I could have never done it without you and your great group of trainers. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Be looking for my Ironman Hawaii pictures coming in 2012! NO JOKE! Special thanks to Adam, I hear his voice pushing me every time I enter the gym. What a wonderful thing you do for people. You have given me a gift for life!

*results may vary for each individual client

Caleb Ludwick

The fact that I lost 33 pounds, went from 42% body fat to 14%, waist line 41 inches to 34 inches, and resting heart-rate from 83 to 68 – all in 12 weeks, and did it in healthy ways — is only the beginning of what's great about the unique approach to fitness of Julian's group. By following the trainers' personalized advice on exercise and nutrition I not only slimmed down, I also gained strength and energy, improved my heart's health and woke up again to enjoying wholesome, sustaining foods. Six months later, I am still making time to workout with the trainers twice a week and do cardio three times a week, to keep my new health and quality of life.

*results may vary for each individual client

Susan Moloney

WOW is the only word that describes this fabulous fitness facility. They have it ALL — outstanding, highly skilled trainers, fabulous amenities and a great location — just steps from Whole Foods. At 60 plus and after a lifetime of attempts to stay fit, I am thrilled to have found them. This is by far the best fitness training experience I have ever had. I've lost inches and gained strength, agility and awakened my energy!! These folks know what they are doing, they make me sweat and they are patient and kind, too!

*results may vary for each individual client

Bob Jackson

The morning of March 12, 2005 was just like any morning. Up at 6:00 am, shower, breakfast, standing at the sink brushing my teeth before getting dressed. You know the drill. At approximately 6:40, the right side of my face began to lose feeling, then my right arm, then my right leg. Believe it or not, it did not dawn on me that there was an immediate problem. Only when I begin to fall was there a sensation of absolute dread. I moved very slowly back to the bedroom where my wife was still sleeping. I tried to tell her, “Houston — we have a problem”. The words were garbled, incoherent, slurred speech with no meaning whatsoever. In the 40 years of our marriage I have never seen her get dressed as quickly as that morning. We were in the emergency room within 15 minutes. The receptionist looked at me and immediately knew she had someone with a problem. I went from the desk to a cubicle in a heartbeat. The paper-work came later. After a very quick MRI, the diagnosis became obvious — stroke. That pronouncement began a long seven month journey towards recovery. My motor skills (such as they were) came back fairly quickly and there was no extended paralysis. Unfortunately though, I could not speak and most importantly, I could not understand written words. In looking at a magazine, a paper, a book, the meaning was just not there. For an engineer, this is certain and immediate retirement. Not really what I had in mind at the tender age of 60!

My daughter-in-law Elizabeth told me about [Julian and his team]. She was a client and loved each and every workout. I took her advice and went through the initial base-level exercise to determine my “state-of-readiness” for the vigorous sessions I knew would follow. It was very obvious to me that, due to the stroke and some years of inactivity, I was playing catch-up. My cardiovascular endurance was “zilch”. I was remarkably tight and had the flexibility of a two-by-four. I also had lost a great deal of upper-body strength and tone due to inactivity during my recovery period. As we moved through the weeks, I could tell significant improvement in several areas. My range of motion improved greatly and there is no tiredness that lingers after the most strenuous exertion. Recovery time is minutes and not hours as it had been in the past. My resting heart rate remains around 50 to 60 beats per minute and levels of exertion rarely bump it over 85 beats per minute. This is accomplished due to the remarkable variety of routines experienced during a session. The trainers are very aware of each person’s ability and know when a person reaches their limit for any one given exercise. The best part is the remarkable professionalism of each trainer and the friendships formed with them over the past four years.

I am 68 years old and can keep up with my kids who are in their forties. I can even survive the grandkids for four or five hours at a stretch. For me, training has become a way of life that allows me to keep the schedule I want at the level of exertion needed for most tasks I perform on a daily basis. It is definitely one the best things I do for myself, and with their help, I absolutely intend to witness my two-year-old granddaughter’s wedding — without the walker or a wheelchair.

*results may vary for each individual client

JH Owner

I’ve been a member of numerous gyms over the last 46 years and had my own. These prices at the Wellness Center are excellent. It would be hard to find a better deal elsewhere especially for a new facility with new equipment.

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