Weddings at Pat's Summitt

Pat's Summitt Open Air Pavilion- Nestled among scenic mountains high atop the Cumberland Plateau, this beautiful event space is ideal for a wide range of events. From your perfect wedding venue to an ideal location for corporate business gatherings. Located just 25 minutes west of downtown Chattanooga, Pat's Summitt offers stunning views of the Tennessee River and mountains along with outdoor seating, table and chair rentals, full catering kitchen, fireplaces, and more.`

Pat's Summitt - What a wonderful place! Dedicated by our owner/developer John Thornton in honor of the legendary Hall-of-Fame University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach on May 5, 2012, this preserved area at the entrance of Jasper Highlands provides property owners with a unique, naturally beautiful destination. As the name implies, it is a summit, and from this vantage point on the southern escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau, one can seemingly see forever. Mountains and sunset views to the west, mountains and sunrise views to the east, views across the Tennessee River Valley to the south, into Alabama and Georgia.

Located just 25 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, and in a ideal location location for those traveling in the Nashville, Atlanta, or Birgingham area. Area hotels, restaurants, caterers, and all the outdoor activities you could imagine are only minutes away from our modern mountain craftsman space. Set on the southern bluff of the Jasper Highlands community, the views of the rolling hills and beautiful Tennessee River stretch endlessly into the distance cost effective option for your venue search.