Tennessee's Premier Mountain Community

Living on the Jasper Highlands plateau provides more than breathtaking views. Property owners have numerous opportunities to relax, socialize, and have all the conveniences of city life.

The amenities range from a Community Village with a café, market, and workout center to a Community Pond for relaxation and gatherings.




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Doug Olivero and Jane Leonhardt

Northville, MI

We had absolutely no plans of purchasing anything, but wanted to see what Tennessee had to offer. A few hours later, we were standing on this piece of land talking about where we would want to build our house. My husband was so at peace standing there... so our numerous talks about retiring to Florida were brushed aside, and soon we were signing on the 'dotted line'!

We have visited the property two times since purchasing it. We love the drive up the mountain and the view once on 'top of the world'! Someday... !



Jasper Highlands

3 days / 2 nights at a great hotel in nearby Chattanooga (Pet-friendly options too!)

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Jasper Highlands is a Premier Gated Mountain Community in Tennessee with Beautiful Mountaintop Lots and Custom Homes. Please check all that apply....